BOOKS’S WISHLIST – February 2016

Hi wonderful people!

I don’t know if you read informations’s section but in my blog I’ll talk about also of books.

Why? Because books are my salvation. With books I can live in thousand different worlds, thousand different lifes, and not even in books is all easy, as it isn’t in my real life too but I think that it’s so wonderful living as courtesan, rich bourgeois, beggar, unhappy, murderess, perfect world’s woman with a perfect life..possibilities are endless as well as are endless the ages where I can experiment, where I can live.

I start a book and I find myself with other 3 books on my wishlist. They are books that I see around me or that people recommend me so, I thought to share with you..I thought to write down books which one day I’ll read, books which one day I’ll live, as a protagonist. Obviously the list isn’t static so when there will be new one..I’ll tell you! 😉

I books: ALFIE – THE DOORSTEP CAT of R. WELLS (2014). This book was recommend to me by Fabio, my shiatsu massager as well as a friend and a wise man. The protagonist is Alfie, a particular cat, a cat able to recognize people’s hidden wishes. Alfie manages to put together the pieces, to fix broken hearts by fate. Alfie manages to bring back happiness in people’s lifes which surrounded him, Alfie teaches us that always there is a surprise on arrival. What to say..we hope!

II book: OCEAN SEA of A. BARICCO (1993). Book recommended me by Cristina, more friend than employer! Wikipedia says it’s one of the best known of this italian writer. I read the plot on internet, as well as for the first book and for the others, and about this I must tell you, I have some perplexity. I have no doubts that it might like it (books that I didn’t like are rare!) but omg it all seems to me a bit complicated. The book is divided in three subboks, let’s say so; characters are different, and probably they are not the real protagonists because I guess the sea is the protagonist. In third subbook, Baricco depicts the fate of all characters presented until that moment and which, casually, are accomodate in same guest-house. seems easier than I thought! I might like it! 😉

III book: THE CASTLES OF ANGER of A. BARICCO (1991). Who could recommend to me this book?! Anyway, I confirm, anger, not sand. (I always think at castles of sand so if I were to read this blog post I’ll ask me if person which wrote this article wrong letter ahahahaha). So, plot on wiki (yeah, I know that it is not the best source, forgive me)..also in this book are told different stories about different characters, but they aren’t normal stories, they are stories on the edge between fantasy and reality. Cool! It suffice to say that there is one who kills because he’s bored! Crazy people are my favourite! Ahahahaha. I can’t wait to start it!

IV book: TWO OUT OF TWO of A. DE CARLO (1989). Ok. Hi Cri! Ahahahaha. I read the plot..WON-DER-FUL! I think I’ll devour this book in one day! Substantially, it is the story of two friend, Mario and Guido who start a friendship in the classroom, I dont’ know, sincere, spontaneous but also strange..two friends who discover themselves, who lost themselves, who rediscover themselves, who relost themselves. Friends who turn around the world, and they probably never (or almost never) truly appreciate it. It’s a friendship’s story, but also a story about loves, passions, difficulties, addictions, of two dissatisfied’s souls. Very, very intriguing!

V book: THE CLAN OF THE CAVE BEAR of J. M. AUEL (1980). Yeah, it always recommended to me by Cri. I see only now that from the first book until now there was a move back years! It’s a case! This is a saga known as Earth’s Children. And here there is a problem because I MUST read ALL saga’s books. I MUST. Point. It’s about fantasy historical novel, set in prehistoric period! Ayla, the protagonist, is orphan and with Giondalar (I guess her loooove) will start a voyage which will take them from Ukraine to southern France, until arriving later to Giondalar’s native village. I don’t know, this book doesn’t enthuse me like previous books, but obviously this will not stop me to buy it and read it! 😉

Well! Book’s wishlist of february, done! I inform you, it will take time before I’ll buy and read them for two reasons: first, I’m reading Game of Thrones (I guess all people known GoT, if it isn’t so, let me know in the comments down below and I’ll tell you about it), a serie endlessy and nicely (except when someone’s death!) long; second, when I’ll finish GoT I have to start another serie (yeah, I’m a little bit nerd) so the reviews about these books will wait a bit! But at least others will come! 😉

And you? Do you have a book’s wishlist? let me know! So I’ll have other books to add! 😉

Enjoy the reading, erigibbi.


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