Spring is coming!

Hi everybody! Spring is here and I’m very happy to see flowers everywhere. I would like always to have fresh flowers in my home but this it’s not always possible so I decided to make a DIY with fake flowers also because I love the home decor and the DIY even if I’ve never made one. I hope you’ll like it!

What we need is: an handful of stones, a glass, two types of fake flowers, a scissor, a coloured ribbon.

We take the glass and we fill it with the stones.

We take the first type of fake flowers and we put them into the glass.

After, we take the second type of fake flowers and we open all the little flowers (also for the other flowers).

If the flowers are too long for our glass we have to find this fold on the stem and we have to flex it with fingers (or with the scissor’s help) to broke it into two parts.

Then we put also the second type of fake flowers in the glass.

At this point we take the ribbon (I choose a satin ribbon because I love satin). We turn it around the glass and we make a doube whirl. Then we make a bow. We cut the longest parts; then we make an other whirl to stop the bow.

And that’s it! We have a fantastic flower pot perfect to decorate our work place with a bit of colours!

I hope you enjoyed it! It’s very easy to do and not more expensive!

Do you made some DIY flowers? Let me know in the comment down below!

Remember, spring is coming.

eri gibbi


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