Hi! I’m eri gibbi!

At 24 years old, I decided to start something bigger than me.

I dream to live in a foreign country, maybe in United Kingdom but I don’t speak english very well so I decided to try to learn it maybe in a unusual way: I made a YouTube channel (link).

Not satisfied with this (obviously) I decided to create this blog. The idea of blog blow gently for a while in my mind because I like writing but I’ve never decided to do it, until now!

I’ll talk mainly about books (how beautiful is it living in many different worlds?!) there will be space also for travels (always too few), food (the eighth wonder of the world) and beauty (no, I’m not talking about me 😉 ).

I want to take full advantage from this opportunity so also here I’ll publish posts in english, I’ll make separate sections in this way, in case that someone (italian or not) read something, all of you can choose the language which most understand! And if you loved what I love, well, you arrived in the right place!